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Cum doctus civibus efficiantur in imperdiet deterruisset.

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  • 5 Fardhu Management included
  • Solat Time references
  • Al-Quran Reading
  • Al-Quran Recitation
  • Hadith Reading
  • Friendly Advertisement
  • 30 days free premium trials

12 Months Premium


  • All Free features
  • Solat Value Added
  • Solat Sunat Monitoring
  • Zikir Monitoring
  • Fasting Monitoring
  • Solat time Countdown
  • Own Ibadah Record
  • Al-Quran and Hadith Search Engine
  • Future Software Accessibility
  • Priority Support
  • No at all Adverstisement

Why becoming our member?

iHijrah is a simple way to keep yourself with Islam

Increase your obidient

iHijrah is among effective change management control for Muslim. Revolutionary inovation for your life and increase your spirituality.

Muhasabah everyday

Ibadah is a key important aspect in Islam. Solat as a key of success and required everyday re-fueling to ensure its effective impact on us.

Ibadah Bigdata

Statistics is an effort to see ourself in helicopter view. iHijrah help you to colect your own data for your own benefits to see your performance collectively.

Security Assurance our priority

We pledge that your privacy is the highest of our concern. Your data will not be used or manipulated for others. Only you can assamble your data.

Premium for better

We decided to have the premium package for our user just to encourage appreciation of usage our application consistently by them. Premium also help us to increase our hardware capabilities and future updates.

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iHijrah will offer its package based on your country (IP Address). We offer online banking facility in our environment for Malaysian and for international, we offer Paypal. The payment will reflected automatically to your account without delay.